Record Low for Serious Road Casualties in Fife

The number of serious road casualties in Fife last year was a record low.

The council’s safer communities committee welcomed a report showing that the Kingdom had met or exceeded all its road casualty targets for 2015.

During the year, there were 426 recorded crashes across the region, resulting in 564 casualties, 12 of which were fatal, 72 serious and 480 slight injuries.

The results were similar to the previous year but showed a strong reduction when considered over a longer period of time. The number of serious casualties for the year was a record low, surpassing the previous low of 80 in 2014.

In 2009, the Scottish government set road casualty reduction targets for all councils to meet by 2015 and Fife met or exceeded all of them. The committee is now focusing on continuing the the trend in order to meet the next set of targets in 2020.

Road Casualties
Councillor Margaret Kennedy

Councillor Margaret Kennedy, chairwoman of the safer communities committee, said “Meeting our casualty reduction targets for 2015 is good news. There’s a tremendous focus placed on road safety in Fife through adopting a multi-agency approach. Through close partnership working on a number of road safety initiative, we’re ensuring Fife’s roads are as safe as possible. But there is no room for complacency and we’ll continue striving to reduce casualties on Fife’s roads.”

Ken Gourlay, head of assets, transportation and environment, explained: “It’s great to be able to report these encouraging results to committee. They reflect the hard work being done by all of the community partners to reduce the number of casualties on the roads in Fife.

Through engineering solutions such as 20mph zones, education measures such as Safe Drive Stay Alive and Pass Plus and enforcement action from the police, we are putting in place an effective framework of initiatives that is clearly working.

There will be further work needed to meet the challenging reductions required for the 2020 targets, but we will continue to develop innovative measures with the aim of further reducing crashes and casualties.”


All of the above information came from the Fife and Kinross Extra published on Thu 24rd March 2016.

Fife records record low road casualties figures
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