Blog post promotion is a critical part of establishing your identity and authority on the WebYour Blog post promotion could be the difference between a lack-lustre publication and a rock-star performance. Yes, you submit your site-map to Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines but, that may not be enough.

Submitting your Blog to the search engines makes it available for discovery but, it does not constitute post promotion. You need to actively engage in post promotion to maximise the chances of reaching your target audience.

Just occasionally you receive an email that fires your imagination and sets your thoughts racing to the possibilities ahead. This morning’s email from Melyssa Griffin was just one of those emails.

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links, no surprise there.

I learned very early on in my blogging career that every post has to stand on its own merits. Your Blog may have a theme but an individual post does not. The individual post will be part of the theme but you promote the post not the theme.

That being said, the Blog is part of your identity and that identity contributes to your authority so, post promotion will boost your authority by circulating your identity.

Melyssa Griffin launches a new Affiliate Program

So, what is so great about this new affiliate program? It’s a new affiliate program by Melyssa Griffin for her e-courses which I am a great fan and admirer of. Melyssa is a savvy, young woman entrepreneur from California, who is passionate about teaching aspiring Bloggers and marketers to realise their dreams and potential.

What is so different about this affiliate program that differentiates it from the thousands of other affiliate programs on the market?

  1. High-ticket products
  2. Super high commission rates
  3. I believe in it

I am already a Melyssa Griffin customer and I love her products. She is helpful and supportive of her clients and will readily respond to you if you drop her an email. Her online course or e-courses are thorough, detailed, accurate and easy to understand.

If you need a lesson in establishing your authority on the Internet, look no further than Melyssa Griffin. She has superb presence on all the major social media platforms and sends beautifully crafted emails to her mailing list.

What am I promoting here? The online training courses or the affiliate program? Well, the simple answer is, I am promoting both. It is rare to find a product that I truly believe in and when it also has an affiliate program I can promote with a clear conscience then, I get excited.

Melyssa Griffin a post promotion guru

I have not met Melyssa Griffin but, we have communicated by email. I am a customer of some of her online training courses and I have attended many of her webinars.

She gives the impression of being a friendly, approachable young woman with her business head securely engaged. It is a false presumption but, after attending her webinars you feel a connection. You feel as if Melyssa is a good friend and a worthy adviser when it comes to post promotion.

She is considered by many to be an authority on Pinterest and I have seen nothing to change that opinion.

e-Courses by Melyssa Griffin

Why this new-found drive for Melyssa Griffin products? The impending launch of the new flagship product: B2B Hive.

I am a customer of the current B2B Hive course and it is an excellent product, so I can’t wait to see what the new product has to offer. The current Blog to Biz course covers everything you need to get you Blog firing on all cylinders.

Pinfinite Growth

What if your blog attracted droves of engaged fans, increased your income like whoa, and gave you the time and independence to enjoy your dream life? Here’s a secret: It can.

This course contains all you need to know to fully engage with your Pinterest followers. How to design the perfect Pin graphic, understanding the Pinterest search engine algorithm and how and where to focus you keywords.

List Surge

Get 1,000 new email subscribers in the next 90 days with strategic list-building methods for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

If you’ve been blogging or running an online business, then you know how frustrating it can be to grow your email list.

Despite your best efforts, it just seems to be inching along…while others are growing their lists by the hundreds and thousands with seemingly little effort.

Social Media Superhero

Game-changing strategies so that you can grow your community and authority on social media.

Are you eager to learn how to get more out of social media in less time? …Because let’s be honest, if you’re not practicing the right strategies, you could be wasting hours!

Promoting Melyssa Griffin

Why the excitement about promoting Melyssa Griffin? Apart from the obvious possible financial gain, Melyssa is producing the kind of training I would aspire to emulate. Why re-invent the wheel? It would be far better for me to learn from Melyssa, promote Melyssa and use this to further my own teaching aspirations in my own niche.

The courses Melyssa teaches are not cheap but, in my opinion, they are worth every cent and she does offer easy payment terms on most of the training material.

If my limited authority carries any weight at all, I would strongly urge you to check out these fantastic e-courses. If you are serious about taking your Blog to the next level you could do far worse than investing in a Melyssa Griffin training program.

Study at your own Pace

If you sign up to one of these courses, you can study in your own time, at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the study material and nobody will be looking over your shoulder to make sure you’ve done your homework.

Melyssa hosts a private Facebook group where you can compare notes with the other students and, I believe, she offers a money back guarantee if the course does not deliver. Provided you can demonstrate that you have followed all the steps exactly as prescribed.

I know Melyssa is not the only savvy young lady doing this sort of teaching but, what she teaches is good, honest information you can put to real use on your Blog. I can heartily recommend Melyssa Griffin e-training.

The beautiful nuggets of vital information provided by these e-training courses will only work if you implement them. So, take action NOW, tomorrow never comes.

Melyssa Griffin Post Promotion Guru

Post Promotion Power Blog Lifeblood

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