Welcome to my Blog; a web site where I share many of my thoughts, opinions and feelings. Sometimes I may even share technical expertise on matters that have not been superseded by rapidly advancing progress in the digital age.

Hi, I am Stephen Walker and this page is the focal point for this repository of facts, stories and hopefully interesting articles.

This site is the culmination of very MANY years of writing, blogging, learning and the glorious experience and achievement that can only come from a long and fruitful life.

From many years of producing web sites of considerably variable quality it came as something of an awakening when I started to receive messages from Google highlighting the fact that my sites were not mobile-friendly. To begin with I chose the route of burying my head in the sand. My sites did not receive that many visitors and very few of the visitors that did come used tablets or smartphones to view the web sites.

BUT, things move on and I wasn’t keeping pace. Finally, I admitted that there was a problem and I needed to address it.

Cast Adrift

I began researching the technology available, not just to make the sites mobile-friendly but to detect what kind of client platform was visiting my sites. I quickly became bogged down with the available technology; I am not getting any younger and the steel-trap that is my brain is slowly rusting.

I had been dabbling with WordPress publishing and eventually realised that this was a powerful, flexible, mobile-friendly web publishing platform free for me to use. There was no need to reinvent the wheel, I had a working solution at my fingertips just waiting to be exploited.

All that I need to do is export all of my web content to the WordPress platform and off we go. Things are never quite that simple and inevitably it is the search engines that obstruct the way. I need to be certain that I can forward my old pages to the new blog articles to ensure visitors are moved seamlessly AND search engines know the content has moved rather than being duplicated.

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